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Getting Stuff Done

Yesterday we spent the day outside getting the anchors organized and scrubbing the bottom of Gondwana some. We were planning on trying to put the sails up on Ocean Tramp today, but higher winds and some sleet have made that not an option.

So I'm working on a couple of our computer projects instead.

Right now I have 4 different computers around me for working on a couple different projects.

On the computer directly behind the energy supply system you can see two of the projects. One is generating Digital Elevation Models from aerial photography and ASTER data, and the other (the small window on top) is tracking weather satellites and attempting to download imagery when they come within range.

On my computer to the right I'm working on finding out how to do the DEM stuff, but more importantly researching long distance wireless links and current technology. There are a couple of cool projects, but very little data about hardware that they are using.

    <li><a title="The Tegola Project" href="">The Tegola Project</a> - University of Edinburgh</li>
    <li><a title="TIER" href="">Technology and Infrastructure for Emerging Regions</a> - UC Berkeley</li>

    A video from the Tegola Project: