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Playing with JSON and React

Recently I got the school's weather station online.

We are using a Davis Vantage Pro2. It is located at the top of Chadborne Hill, but the classroom is not, requiring two repeaters to make it down the hill. Then I have a computer running WeeWX to archive the data and push it to our FTP server every 5 min. This saves me from having to keep another internet facing machine patched which is awesome.

I started to add a bunch of basic resources, like the national forecast and the storm total snow images to the sidebar when I discovered that that National Weather service has a json endpoint for their forecast pages. I haven't found much documentation of the endpoint other than a StackOverflow Post.

Seeing that it was json, got me wondering if it might just be enough to embed the NWS graphical forecast into the website. Maybe a bit like this:

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Streams in Grafton


Just a dump of photos from two days exploring Grafton Notch. It's been suggested that I don't mention specifically what lines we skied, but with a little sleuthing you can probably figure it out.

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Avalanche 2

Beacon Checks on Chimney Pond

I thought that it might be about time I took Avalanche II, now that it was about 10 years ago that I took Avalanche I, having spent some time in Colorado, and so forth. Acadia Mountain Guides runs a course in conjunction with Baxter State park.

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Swarming Sandy Stream

After having Fall dry enough that a couple weekends ago we were worried about having enough water for a release on the Dead River some moisture finally arrived. [STRIKEOUT:A front rolled through, stretching from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico while Hurricane Gonzalo passed offshore]“A cold front stretching from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico carrying warm, moist gulf air with additional input from Hurricane Gonzalo”(clarification by Mike) brought 2-3 inches of rain to the White Mountains and Maine. While the water started to run out of the Whites and Mahoosucs on Friday, it held until Saturday in the Bigelows where we got to enjoy it.

Mike launching off Auto Boof

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Skining up Shawnee

Sunrise under clouds

Sun peaked under the cloud deck for us before disappearing again this morning as we topped out of our skin up.

Bull Branch with Jeff

Friday afternoon rolled around with the grand pronouncement by the Mount Washington observatory that they had just seen the most rain in ~12 hours since Hurricane Irene rolled through, therefore there had to be some creeking somewhere in the near future.

Cairns in the middle of the Sawyer River

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