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Sir's Service

The Wave

Last Friday we held a small service for my grandfather John McCoid (who many people know as Sir) at the JPVIS community house in Boothbay.

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Mapping the Inferno

This post isn't about the infernos that seem to appear after kayak races, although the bread basket catching fire might deserve one.

This spring I saw that the Tuckerman Inferno was looking for help updating their online maps.

Baxter in Transition

In March I headed up to Chimney Pond with Mahoosuc Mountain Rescue with the goal of doing some ice climbing and training up on Katahdin. With the way the winter has been this year, we had some worries about the conditions leading up to the trip (and during it) but we managed to still explore up there.

Headed Up

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Playing with JSON and React

Recently I got the school's weather station online.

We are using a Davis Vantage Pro2. It is located at the top of Chadborne Hill, but the classroom is not, requiring two repeaters to make it down the hill. Then I have a computer running WeeWX to archive the data and push it to our FTP server every 5 min. This saves me from having to keep another internet facing machine patched which is awesome.

I started to add a bunch of basic resources, like the national forecast and the storm total snow images to the sidebar when I discovered that that National Weather service has a json endpoint for their forecast pages. I haven't found much documentation of the endpoint other than a StackOverflow Post.

Seeing that it was json, got me wondering if it might just be enough to embed the NWS graphical forecast into the website. Maybe a bit like this:

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