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Doing some Tinkering

I'm in the midst of doing a mild revamp to my site, so some things might be a little out of whack, but hopefully in the end everything will be working a lot better.

So far I've:

    <li>Upgraded from AutoFocus+ to AutoFocus+ Pro which gives me more formatting options.</li>
    <li>Removed My PHP Dropbox Gallery from the menus for the site, but it's still around.</li>
    <li>Made some updates to the <a title="Photography" href="">Photography page</a> and added a few portfolios.
    <li>Started using the normal menu system, rather than using the Page Links To plugin and depending on having the menu get correctly generated.</li>
    <li>Added a blog category so small posts like this one don't need a picture and can be kept off of the front page</li>

    What still needs to happen:

    • Build a couple more portfolios
      • Skiing
      • Rocky Mountains
      • Travel
    <li>Go through old posts and update images to use AutoFocus+ Pro's largeimage shortcode which in addition to including a description in the overlay, it also combines them into a FancyBox style of gallery.
    • Update photos on Flickr to be hosted here.
    • Add larger versions of some photos hosted here.
    <li>See if I can figure out what is causing the weirdness in the image captions on the largeimages. I believe it's something to do with the font's ligature settings, but I have no idea where to really start tinkering with that.</li>

    I'm doing all these updates quickly for a reason, rather than getting around to them at some point as I felt like it. Saturday I hung a panorama at the Boothbay Region Art Foundation right here in town. It's from two summers ago on Spectacle Island on the Sheepscot River.

    [largeimage description="Spectacle Island Sunrise"]Spectacle Island Sunrise[/largeimage]

    It's printed 1' by 6' on canvas over a wooden frame. I've priced it at 450. I also can print many of my other shots if there is interest.

    If anyone has any comments on the design of the site or interest in photography you can comment online or send me an email at [email protected].

    Remember you can click to make it larger!