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Fresh Dirt at Camden Snowbowl!

I headed up to Camden Snowbowl two days last week, the first day was for some trail building, and the second day was for my first taste of lift served riding during their harvest hootenanny.

Without the lifts turning you first need to get yourself up there. The view is always good even when it's a little gray.

Dropping into the top section of the new trail. I believe the name is Natty Tread. Anyways it's just too the right as you exit the lift. If your headed up under your own power, head up Pitch Pole/Whales Tale (starts with Jibe under the T-Bar line), and after lots of switch backs you'll see the top section coming down from the lift too the left, and then heading into the woods across the ski trails to the right.

This chute is a lot steeper than it looks, but completely ridable. It definitely ain't bad to take the first lap pretty slow. Some of the rollers and the bottom of the trail is very much still under construction.

Looking up another chute that was ridable by the Harvest Hoot. Notice the tools nearby...

Hopefully I can get up there some time with some other riders, my big camera, and some good light, so I can capture what has already become my favorite new trail.

For those of you who only check the site when you get an email, check out the homepage for a video from this summers paddling!