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Who - What - When - Where - Why

The five Ws that should answer most any question that may be posed. Or not, I guess it depends on the type of questions that you like to ask.

So who. Well I'm Alex Kerney, but you hopefully got that by now from the url of the site. I'm a recent geology graduate from Colorado College who has somewhat gone back home to the coast of Maine, but I still have some exploration to do. I guess that actually answers one part of where too.

Skipping ahead to the other part of where is the fact that as I write this I'm airborne in a Boeing 757-400B but that is less important compared to the destination. I'm headed to Colorado as part of a trip up to Wyoming to remove the seismic stations that my college advisor has scattered throughout the Bighorn Mountains.

When is another question that can be answered two ways. The first way is the fact that it is later in 2010 the other is that I am 22 as of the drafting of this page. On that note I should probably find some sort of amazing picture of myself to place here. I guess that picture will work for now.

What, well this is a website that is supposed to be a combination of geeky place space, a place to put up photos, and to let people know what kind of travels I've currently got myself wrapped up in.

Why is a similar answer to the what because I would like to be able to keep my friends and family up to date with my travels, especially as I'm going to be exploring way, way South this summer.

Oh, I haven't mention anything about a Southern expedition yet? Well that's to come. Stay tuned to the blog for updates or subscribe by RSS or email (via the form below).