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Whitewater Resources

Here is my quickly put together selection of whitewater resources.

North East Guidebooks:

    <li><a title="Let It Rain" href="">Let It Rain</a> - The one with cool stories and pretty pictures</li>
    <li>AMC Maine (or NH, MA...) River Guide - kinda bland but has a ton of info</li>
    <li><a title="River Gypsies guidebook" href="">The River Gypsies Guide to North America</a> - Rivers all over the continent</li>

    Forums and Communities:

    • NPMB - The NorthEast Paddlers Message Board which is the big regional forum.
    • Maine Flows - A Maine whitewater Facebook group
    • Merrimack Valley Paddlers - NE MA and Southern NH paddling group
    • AMC Boston Paddlers - A portion of the AMC dedicated to paddling out of Boston, and have boat rentals on their trips
    • Penobscot Paddle and Chowder Society - A paddling group focused more on Eastern and Northern Maine
    • MaCKRO - Maine Canoe and Kayak Racing Organization - Also known as Ryan slaying it in a canoe with his kids in the front!
    • - California Forum
    • Mountain Buzz - Colorado Forum
    • BoaterTalk - A Colorado based forum, but it's actually heavily inhabited by South Eastern boaters

    Zoar Outdoor Center - Is our big regional shop on the Deerfield in Western MA, they also have boat rentals and run instructional trips. They're good, I took an instruction course there when I was just getting into paddling.

    River Flows page that I created for slightly more visual people, otherwise you can explore the American Whitewater Maine page.

    Blister Gear Review - Gear talk and reviews by Chewonki Leaders and friends.

    Videos & Other (Not instructional, more just things that make me happy):

    • Wildwater by Forge Motion Pictures - yes it costs money, but it is very pretty, plus you can listen to Doug Ammon's philosophy in his own words!
    • On that note Doug Ammon's books and some writings can be found online here.
      • We were reading Whitewater Philosophy and The Laugh of the Water Nymph
    <li><a title="NRS Community Films" href="">NRS Community Films</a>
    • Forge Motion Pictures are putting their amazing __of Souls + Water series up there
    • Two of my college buddies Will and Zak have a series called __Remains of a River of their source to sea expedition down the Green and Colorado rivers last year.
    <li><a title="Alex's Liked Videos" href="">My Liked Videos</a> on Vimeo</li>
    <li><a title="Down the Colorado" href="">Down the Colorado</a> is Will and Zak's new expedition down the Colorado river trying to connect water users up and down the drainage. This time they are bringing along a couple of other buddies and making quite the map along the way.</li>
    <li><a title="Seasons - Banks Mag" href="">Seasons</a> (once again by Forge Motion Pictures, those guys must be paddlers or something) on Banks Mag</li>
    <li><a title="The Range Life" href="">The Range Life</a> which could also be titled the Art of Expeditions though they don't post as often as one of the main members of the crew Brian is constantly getting yanked around the world by Red Bull and National Geographic to shoot video as part of his company (which formed from The Range Life) <a title="Reel Water Productions" href="">Reel Water Productions</a>.
    <li><a title="Kayak on Amazon" href="">Kayak</a> by William Nealy - the sudo instructional cartoonish book. I can tell you from experience that his 'Tales of xxx Terror' books are awesome to have hanging around the bathroom....</li>
    <li><a title="Sweetgrass Productions" href="">Sweetgrass Productions</a> - some other college buddies making ski movies.</li>
    <li>Since I've made it to ski movies lets just keep on rolling to <a title="Sherpas Cinema" href="">All.I.Can.</a> by Sherpas Cinema. Footage (and skiing) that can be best described as tasty. They also make one hell of an avalanche awareness movie.</li>
    <li>The grandpappy of great ski cinematographers might just be Bill Heath who I believe inspired just about every other video on this list. <a title="Sinners" href="">Sinners</a> is amazing and <a title="9 Winders Old" href="">9 Winters Old</a> ain't bad either.
    • Bill filmed for Warren Miller before Warren Miller Entertainment went off the rails.
    • And a special message to the parents: If ski bums had a Nielson Ratings Box you would find that more of them were inspired to become ski bums after watching Sinners than any other ski movie has managed. Or in other words '4 out of 5 ski bums recommend Sinners as their drop out trigger of choice.'