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Help Me Win A Kayak!

I've entered a video contest put on by Austin Kayak to win a kayak of choice from Liquidlogic Kayaks. Due to the fact that I'm likely to hurt myself in my playboat with some of the stuff that I'm currently paddling, and don't have the best track record of staying upright in borrowed boats I entered so hopefully I can win a creek boat like a Stomper.

Anyways check the video out here and vote for mine. It's called Problematic Love. You do have to 'like' Austin Kayak on Facebook to vote, and they do allow 3 votes (for different videos) per day until the 21st, so go back and vote each day.

I will throw the video up in its original high-definition glory after the contest is over.

It's election day anyways, and I guarantee that I spent less on this than any party has spent on the ballot questions!