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Playing with JSON and React

Recently I got the school's weather station online.

We are using a Davis Vantage Pro2. It is located at the top of Chadborne Hill, but the classroom is not, requiring two repeaters to make it down the hill. Then I have a computer running WeeWX to archive the data and push it to our FTP server every 5 min. This saves me from having to keep another internet facing machine patched which is awesome.

I started to add a bunch of basic resources, like the national forecast and the storm total snow images to the sidebar when I discovered that that National Weather service has a json endpoint for their forecast pages. I haven't found much documentation of the endpoint other than a StackOverflow Post.

Seeing that it was json, got me wondering if it might just be enough to embed the NWS graphical forecast into the website. Maybe a bit like this:

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Streams in Grafton


Just a dump of photos from two days exploring Grafton Notch. It's been suggested that I don't mention specifically what lines we skied, but with a little sleuthing you can probably figure it out.

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Avalanche 2

Beacon Checks on Chimney Pond

I thought that it might be about time I took Avalanche II, now that it was about 10 years ago that I took Avalanche I, having spent some time in Colorado, and so forth. Acadia Mountain Guides runs a course in conjunction with Baxter State park.

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