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Metal and Sunsets at Micalvi

We're still tied up to the Micalvi with all sorts of different work that we need to do, but enough different stuff that we have some form of ADHD keeping us from being too successful at completing one thing or another. I haven't taken as many photos as the initial rush. You could probably predict the number of photos that I take using a bell curve compared to distance traveled. But I have managed to take a few while we've been rafted here.

One windy day a couple of French boats started to fly their flags, so I decided to loft one of my own.
The Micalvi freighter has a couple of neat little bits.
Still a good view.
My new favorite boat also is tied up right across the deck from us, and Hamish and Kate invited us to dinner. Meet S/V Seal from Durham, NH, designed by Chuck Paine and Ed Joy, and the hull was built in Ontario. Seal has a swinging keel which they took advantage of, so they completed the interior and the outfitting themselves. Their website, has photos of the process and info on the Antarctic trips that they do when they aren't busy raising their kids.
Part one of dinner. Ocean Tramp is over on the left with disassembled parts of one of Charlie's planes in the middle.
It might just be me, but I really like this shot with Seal's anchor.
While the kids on Seal might not have many toys, they do have interesting ones.