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Changing Statistics

In the morning, if all goes to plan, we will be leaving Puerto Williams for over a month. This will be a very nice change of pace at this point, because currently we have been out for 7 out of about 90 days that I've been down here. Bringing that ratio back up to around a third will be much nicer.

Anyways enough about statistics. We will be collecting data from all around Cordillera Darwin and Isla Hoste to study climate change. We'll be starting by heading to Caleta Olla where we were anchored the last night of the trip with the Swedish scientists where we will do some further tests of the GPS systems that we got working today while weathering a front. Then we will probably be checking the weather station that Charlie has installed and setting up a bunch of bucket gauges. If it's really calm we will try to fly one of the drones with a GoPro shooting time-lapse photos to test the ability to stitch together a Digital Elevation Model in the field.

If all goes well at Caleta Olla we will move on and work relatively systematically around Cordillera Darwin visiting each fjord that we can and setting up time-lapse cameras at the most interesting glaciers. Eventually we may move up a bit further North to work on a single glacier on the Straights on Magellan before heading back to Puerto Williams and possibly onto the Falklands.

Anyway, at the top for your viewing pleasure is a clip that I produced using several time-lapses that I shot with my GoPro during the first trip. It turns out the underside of one of the radars is a rather nice place to attach a suction cup.

The first segment is a shot once every 2 seconds, then once every 10 seconds, once every 30 seconds, and finally the last segment is once every 10 seconds again as that turned out to be a nicer rate, or at least it is to my eye.

The music is from the Summer Lawns on KEXP Live Performances Podcast playing I'll Drive, You Can Sleep Through The Night.