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Estero Fouque

In the morning we found ourselves in Estero Fouque of Isla Hoste around 55º03'10'' South (still amazing to be saying South rather than North with coordinates!), 69º33'30'' W.


Estero Fouque is a couple mile long fjord, and due to arriving early in the morning I wasn't sure which way we had entered the fjord from as I rolled out of my bunk to help anchor in a little cove.


With our visiting Swedes off with Charlie investigating different coves to core Christine and I went for a hike in the mountains above Ocean Tramp.


I quickly sited some interesting looking waterfalls and started heading there direction.


The waterfalls turned out to be feeding a nice little lake.


Above the lake I found a nice little waterfall where I took a little shower.


We found a lookout over a lake....


... which has a relatively nice looking river flowing out of it.


We started to try to make our way down a different to try to get a look at the river


With some snacks along the way.


Eventually I made it down to the river which looks relatively nice, but it's too low volume to make for any sort of reasonable paddling. There may be a couple of fun drops, but in general with 150-200 cfs looking to be high-ish for the river the whole thing probably will be more work than paddling.