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A Couple Weeks of Maine

I didn't want to title another post skinning up Shawnee, so I'm not.


But that's really a good bit of the content of this post.



Just after New Years I wandered up to Millinocket to work on a project with Baxter State Park. Didn't make it into the park, but did drive up to Abol Bridge.


On my way back down I explored, and when I came around the shoulder of Streaked Mountain, I had a great view of the late sunset and Shawnee's lights. As I turned around to try to find a place to get a picture from, I noticed the potential terrain on Streaked. I explored it the next day.



That evening I skinned up Hawk Mountain to take some pictures of the sunset, and caught Shawnee all lit up.


Jimmy and I went exploring on Caribou Mountain. We got to make a couple turns, but there wasn't enough snow for much more then exploring.



Today's Shawnee skinning.



Also I have been learning to ice climb. Here I'm holding on after I had already started the process of moving up to my next placement, so I was a little unsteady. Nick at Synnott Mountain Guides was an awesome teacher to get me started!

2014-01-12 13.10.14